Our Smart Camera devices integrate artificial intelligence (AI camera) to help create camera product lines that are not only smart but also have a modern design and high aesthetics with international quality, serving specific monitoring and management needs in Vietnam.

AutoSecure is the first dash camera in Vietnam that is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and analyze drivers' driving behavior.

  • 4k: AutoSecure uses high-quality cameras for resolutions up to 4K bringing clear images. It makes all activities of reviewing, monitoring or analyzing behavior become recognizable to come up with an appropriate treatment plan.
  • DMS: When connected to the DMS camera, the product becomes a "companion" with the drivers, reminding them when there are signs of distracted driving, drowsiness, or drunkenness. This solution is suitable to apply to drivers of taxis, coaches, service cars and delivery services, long-distance transport… who often have to drive for many hours continuously.
  • Driving problems: Similar to a conventional dash camera, the driver's driving journey will be continuously recorded in a memory card or connected to the MK Vision Cloud. This feature of AutoSecure is made possible by its precise accelerometer, which can warn in real-time of abnormal driving actions such as emergency braking or collision.
  • Parking incident: When parking, unexpected situations such as collisions or stolen car components can completely happen. With the equipped wide-angle camera, AutoSecure will monitor and record all these incidents and notify via a short video sent to the mobile app. This will help the car owner quickly detect behaviors that damage the vehicle, thereby promptly handling the above situations.