Do you want to be a MKer?

Research and Development

As one of the company's most important departments, MK Group's Research and Development (R&D) department is a place that brings highly qualified and passionate technology professionals. Based on the understanding of the market as well as world technology trends, the R&D department will focus on in-depth research activities to build, complete, and launch practical products and solutions for life.


The Sales department will definitely be the place to bring you the opportunity to develop your career, personal skills and acquire useful knowledge from partners, customers and colleagues. Under the direction of the organization, you are completely free to set goals for yourself and pursue them in your own way, thereby helping you to improve yourself and become a good businessman.


As a member of the Pre-sales team at MK Group, you are the one who will contribute to the decision to come up with the right solutions for each customer as well as the person directly involved in the consulting process. Pre-sales blends technical knowledge and technology with business skills. You are a living dictionary of MK's products and solutions, and your development opportunities will constantly expand here.

Marketing & PR

As one of the most important departments at MK, the Marketing and PR team plays a role in promoting and distributing products and services through different forms to develop the company. As the sales and accounting department, the Marketing and PR team helps devise strategies for the company.

Administrative personnel

Having the task of managing MK Group's most valuable resource which is human resources, the HR department is a particularly important factor in the operation and creativity of the organization. Becoming a member of the HR department will help you deepen your professional understanding, hone your human resource management so you will have more opportunities to learn and improve at work.

Production manager

This is an important link in the production and business activities of MK Group, especially in contributing to maintaining the stable operation of the two most modern and advanced card factories in Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to be directly involved in the planning, inspection and supervision of the production process to ensure the delivery of goods on time with the required quantity and specified in the production schedule.


Do you love beauty and always want to overcome your limits with creative works that attract viewers? It means that you are a member of the Design team at MK Group. You will have the opportunity to listen to the different requirements of customers and partners, learn more about technology and global Card industry trends, thereby creating unique cards that are your very own works of art.


MK Group software team will be a place to help you actively search and learn specialized knowledge. You will have the opportunity to work with Vietnam's leading experts in Smart Cards, security authentication, and domestic and international partners with many practical projects for socio-economic life.


It can be said that MK Group's technical department is like a bridge between MK and partner customers through consulting and support activities in repairing and overcoming errors related to technology, machinery, progress, etc. The technical team supports to maintain and repair in accordance with regulations, ensuring the smooth operation of machinery and technological equipment, without any interruption affecting production and business activities, thereby contributing to creating a good relationship with customers and partners.

Accounting & Finance

If you are passionate about numbers, careful and meticulous in everything, then you are part of the accounting and finance activities at MK Group. Through the management of financial databases, you will be the one to receive, process and provide information about all assets including human and physical, thereby providing useful information for making decisions on production and business activities as well as orientation for the sustainable development of MK.