• Comprehensive smart card - card issuance solution (equipment, issuance software, supplies and technical support services)
    • Producing smart card products with contact/contactless/dual interface chips
    • Data security authentication solutions (one-time password authentication KeyPass OTP, authentication with FIDO KeyPass security keys, PKI public key infrastructure, SSL certificates and biometric authentication)
    • Prim'X high-level data encryption solution
    • Smart card solution for schools and educational institutions MK School Card
    • Surveillance camera equipment, action camera applied AI technology
    • E-wallet solution
    • Continuous production of computerized forms (VAT invoice, bill of lading, POS invoice and envelope folding)
    • Self-service Kiosk system (recharge and payment)

    Enterprises can deploy separate or combined solutions depending on actual needs such as:

    • Solution for electronic ticket cards and electronic/automatic entry and exit gates
    • Solution to control in - out and time attendance
    • Solution to accumulate points for loyal customers MK Point+
    • MK Pay+ prepaid card payment solution
    • MK EVM event guest control solution


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