Secure ID documents

MK owns a secure ID document factory in Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park with the capacity to provide a total solution, including e-ID cards, e-passports, driver licenses, and other secure documents.

  • Chip-based ID (e-ID) card: multi-applets supported including ICAO-compliant identification applications, MoC - biometric matching-on-card applications, PKI digital signature applications, etc;
  • Data enrollment with MK ABIS - based on multi-method biometric identification technology including fingerprints and face;
  • Data preparation software: to standardize the enrolled data for the next stage;
  • Card personalization system: modular architecture with the latest security printing technology, which allows issuers to choose from high-volume personalization systems for centralized card issuance or desktop personalization machines for distributed card issuance;
  • Quality control solution: the post-personalization card quality control system is ideal for fully personalized smart card checking in various industries, including financial cards, identity cards, etc.; Suitable for card programs that require quality control of personalized data on the chip or surface printing;
  • Other applications: after issuance, the e-ID/ePassport can be used for identification and verification in multiple sectors: government, banking, finance, telecommunications, social insurance, etc...