Secure Payment

FIDO® KeyPass Token

The FIDO® Keypass device provided by MK Group is a USB Reader Token second-factor authentication device designed and manufactured according to the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 standards sets (https://fidoalliance.org/specifications/), for the purpose of creating a physical authentication step to authenticate users and real websites.

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MK Electronic PIN

MK Group’s ePin is the ideal solution for banking and financial institutions in enhancing the user experience by keeping up with the trend of smartphone usage while providing cardholders with fast and convenient methods. It is easy to install and use, thereby encouraging customers to use digital services of the bank.

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MK dynamic CVV (dCVV)

With the desire to help banking and financial institutions have more advanced and safe payment methods that improve the quality of their products and services, MK Group has researched, developed and built a solution Dynamic CVV numerical solution (dynamic CVV – dCVV).

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MK Mobile card payment solution

MK Mobile Card payment solution is a combination of QR code payment method and Tokenization solution which will minimize the potential risks of a single QR code payment form, thereby helping transactions to take place safely and helping customers feel more secure and confident when using the services of the provider.

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Protecting data with high-level encryption PRIM'X solution

Prim'X high-level data encryption solution provided by MK Group and its partner Prim'X (France) is a comprehensive and highly secure solution, enterprise data in any storage state (data at rest) or data on the move will be automatically encrypted.

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Online transaction authentication solution for international cards (EMV 3D Secure)

The EMV 3DS solution will provide a solid foundation for increasing 3DS technology adoption globally that. At the same time, it help make good use of the outstanding advantages of EMV 3DS protocol in protecting cardholders from the risk of online transaction fraud.

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