• Security identification document release solution (ID card, driver's license, electronic passport, health insurance card, medical card)
  • Social welfare payment/distribution system Security solution for issuing, folding, sorting, packing and sending documents
  • Data security authentication solutions (one-time password authentication KeyPass OTP, authentication with FIDO KeyPass security keys, digital signatures, PKI public key infrastructure, SSL certificates and biometric authentication)
  • Prim'X high-level data encryption solution
  • Access control solution
  • Camera equipment applying AI technology in security and defense activities
  • E-wallet solution
  • Self-service Kiosk system (payment of public service billing, savings, microcredit)

The Smart City solution includes a comprehensive smart card ecosystem from issuance to multi-application integration for smart cards, including:

  • Identification of citizens, payment of public service fees
  • Public transport ticket solution
  • Automated toll collection solution

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