Development milestone

Development milestone


Established MK Technology Joint Stock Company

Established in Hanoi, Vietnam, MK Technology is the forerunner of MK Group and the unit that laid the foundation for Vietnam's card industry, pioneering in research and development, contributing to the promotion of the Vietnamese card industry. 


Established MK Smart Join Stock Company

The first member of MK Group - MK Smart Joint Stock Company (MK Smart) was established with the task of focusing on manufacturing and supplying plastic card products, smart cards and continuous computerized forms to the domestic and international market.



Inauguration of the first MK Smart Card Factory

MK Smart inaugurated the first card factory in Quang Minh Industrial Park, Me Linh, Hanoi. Well-invested, synchronized with advanced infrastructure as well as specialized equipment lines from the US, Germany, Japan... MK Smart gradually conquers the market with card products, continuous computer forms and diversified quality, meeting the maximum needs of customers in the banking and finance sectors, government, telecommunications, businesses, retail, healthcare, education and transportation.



Establishment of the first R&D Center

In order to innovate and provide the market with quality solutions, products and high use value, MK Group has established MK Research and Development Center in Hanoi, focusing on building value-added applications for smart cards, identity authentication and digital security solutions. This is the foundation for the birth of the MK Smart Card Ecosystem.


Established VinaPay Company

VinaPay Payment Joint Stock Company - the second member of MK Group, was newly established in 2007, specialized in researching and providing electronic payment solutions such as automatic recharge kiosks or online payments... VinPay Payment was considered one of the pioneering companies to catch up with the Vietnamese e-commerce trend at the time.


Inauguration of the second MK Smart Card factory

MK Smart inaugurated the second card factory in Saigon Hi-tek Park in Ho Chi Minh City. In this year, the second R&D center of MK Group was also established to serve MK's production and business activities in the southern region.


Became a Vietnamese Hi-Tech Enterprise

MK Smart Joint Stock Company is proud to be the first Vietnamese technology enterprise to obtain the Certificate of High-Tech Enterprise updated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Becoming a high-tech enterprise on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary has been a meaningful milestone, marking the outstanding growth and development of MK Smart.


Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) became a shareholder of MK Smart

On May 23, 2014, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), a company specialized in providing printing solutions and leading smart cards in Japan became a shareholder of MK Smart. The two sides would work closely together in smart card projects in the field of public transport such as bus cards, subways, domestic and international government projects. This cooperation has affirmed MK Smart's leading position in quality and technology in Vietnam, helping MK Group gain deeper access to difficult markets such as Japan and many other countries.


Obtained certificate of JCB Card (Japan)

MK Smart became the first card business in Vietnam licensed by JCB International Co., Ltd. (JCBI) to produce JCB branded financial cards. This new certificate helped affirm MK Smart's position as the leading partner in Vietnam and the world in the field of financial and banking card production.

In 2016, MK Group also became a member of FIDO Alliance and OATH in the field of security authentication.


Obtained the certificate of UPI Card organization (China)

MK Smart continued to become the first card company in Vietnam licensed by Union Pay International (UPI) to produce and personalize financial cards with the UPI brand. MK Smart became one of the few card manufacturing companies in the world holding the card production certificates of VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UPI.


MK Group became a strategic partner of Alterosa, Brazil

MK Group owned 20% of the shares of Alterosa smart card company, Brazil, opening strategic cooperation between the two parties using MK's expertise in manufacturing - personalization and development of smart cards and Alterosa's understanding of the Latin American market.
In 2018, MK Group's FIDO® KeyPass S1 security key authentication device received FIDO U2F certification (now supporting FIDO2) from the FIDO Alliance.


Established MK Vision Join Stock Company

MK Vision Joint Stock Company is the fourth member of MK Group along with MK Smart, Vinpay and MK Americas. MK Vision focuses on researching and providing smart camera products that apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to serve national security and people's lives.

This year, MK Hi-tek, the fifth member of MK Group, was also established focusing on researching and manufacturing high-tech solutions products "Make-in Vietnam" with high applicability, bringing practical values to socio-economic life.


Obtained the issuance certificate of Lotus Chip and card according to VCCS standard

MK Group is certified to release Chip Lotus with MK Group's own operating system. Passing the strict standards of NAPAS, MK Smart obtained the chip card production certificate according to the domestic standard VCCS.
2019 was also the milestone of MK Group's 20th anniversary in its development journey.


Honored to participate in the Vietnam Chip-based ID cards project

On January 23, 2021, MK was selected to become the contractor to implement the bidding package "Providing citizen Chip-based identification cards" for the Police Department on Administrative Management of Social Order. MK Group is proud to be entrusted with this important task. At the same time, this is also a recognition and proof of the ability of the MK Group collective during the 22-year journey of continuous efforts and development.

In this year, MK Group was also granted the certificate of Science and Technology Enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology.