Identity verification

Access control solution

MK Group's access control solution from equipment to management software and extensive applications will help improve the efficiency of security control, timekeeping, and personnel management precisely, quickly and automatically.

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Match-on-Card Solution (MOC)

The identity authentication solution products provided by MK Group are suitable for real-life citizens' identity verification needs, thereby helping to quickly recognize and digitize customers' identities quickly and safely; reduce fraud, limit risks for customers and businesses, and help customers feel more secure when transacting.

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The MK ABIS (MK Automated Biometrics Identification System) customer identification and verification solution helps to digitize information and identify customers, thereby performing control and database reconciliation activities quickly

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KeyPass Authentication Center

Solutions built on the KeyPass™ OTP platform are powerful and scalable servers that provide diverse deployment options across environments and platforms such as virtualization installation, use security hardware (Hardened Appliance & Hardware Security Module that meets FIPS 140-2 Level 3), or use hardware provided by the Bank.

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Identity Verification Devices

These identify verification devices are researched, developed and manufactured in accordance with the function of solving the identity verification needs of citizens, agencies and organizations while ensuring compliance with security regulations according to domestic and international information security standards:

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