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10-Year Celebration of Strategic Partnership between MK Smart and DNP, Japan


On April 22, 2024, at the Vista Building, MK Group's headquarters, the 10th anniversary of the strategic patnership between MK Smart and Dai Nippon Printing Group (DNP), Japan, took place.


In 2014, DNP signed a cooperation agreement and became a strategic shareholder of MK Smart, a member of MK Group.


During the 10-year journey of collaborative development, DNP has made important contributions to help MK Smart improve quality and management processes, build and deploy effective production enhancement and human resource management models. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of high-quality products that meet the strict standards of the Japanese market, one of the most demanding markets in the world.


In addition to manufacturing and personalizing smart card orders for the Japanese and international markets, MK Smart and DNP also implement many smart card projects in the fields of transportation, public transit, and various other government sector initiatives.


The event marked an important milestone in the journey of cooperation and close friendship between two companies. It was also an opportunity for MK Smart and DNP to review their shared journey, express gratitude for the significant contributions of their employees, and affirm their commitment to continue strengthening their cooperation, developing together, and reaching new heights in the future.