Access control solution


MK Group's access control solution from equipment to management software and extensive applications will help improve the efficiency of security control, timekeeping, and personnel management precisely, quickly and automatically.

1. Automated Fare Collection

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) is an intelligent system based on contactless smart card technology and compatible terminals to help ensure a smooth traffic flow, creating convenience for passengers and reduced operating costs for public transport system operators.

The solution is built to meet different requirements of public transport system operators and management units.

The comprehensive solution includes:

  • Ticket card management system
  • Smart ticket card compatible with three types of cards: Mifare, Felica and Calypso
  • Electronic wallet
  • Fixed ticket card reader (stops/stations/bus stations) or mobile (on means of transport)
  • Self-service kiosk (recharge, pay fees, service fees as prescribed)

2. The solution to controlling the entrance and exit of the building/restricted area

Today, the issue of security and automation is increasingly valued by businesses and agencies. Access Control - an access control system and solution, doors or aisles through authentication by touch cards, serving purposes such as controlling access to/out of the equipment room, engineering, etc., helps control working time and time attendance for employees quickly, efficiently and automatically. 

Instead of individually managing each small system, integrating all in one software will save a lot of time and effort for users. It also brings high performance, improved security, and performance in security control.

Ideal solution for operations:

  • Security management of buildings/offices with a large volume of visitors, requiring high confidentiality and security
  • Verify the identity of guests entering and leaving the building based on biometric data quickly and accurately without causing trouble for the person who needs to be controlled
  • Integration with surveillance camera systems and fire alarms

The comprehensive solution includes:

  • Smart ID card
  • Software to control in - out
  • Electronic/automatic entrance - exit gate
  • Integrate with the existing system and expand according to actual requirements
  • Professional service

3. MK EVM event guest control solution

Access control solution - MK ACS application of NFC technology is a solution to apply Near Field Communication in combination with Mifare Smart Card that stores cardholder information and Access Control software with features of decentralizing access restricted areas for each cardholder.

This is a comprehensive solution consisting of components:

  • Access control software includes main modules
  • Cardholder data management module
  • Module for setting up restricted areas
  • Decentralization module for restricted areas
  • Report export module
  • NFC-capable contactless card reader or mobile device
  • Mifare smart card saves the required information of the event

With the MK ACS solution, event organizers will easily:

  • Classification – Manage guests by role, registration activity, restricted area…
  • Control behavior – guest preferences
  • Control each guest's individual event time frame
  • Collect full guest database
  • Easily aggregate and export guest data reports