Identity Verification Devices


The ID verification readers developed by MK Group are suitable for government and corporate organizations' chip-based identity card programs.

These identify verification devices are researched, developed and manufactured in accordance with the function of solving the identity verification needs of citizens, agencies and organizations while ensuring compliance with security regulations according to domestic and international information security standards:

  • ICAO standard authentication mechanisms: The authentication mechanism accesses card information and protects against unauthorized access to read the information on the card based on asymmetric key pairs with a high level of security against eavesdropping and eavesdropping on information in the card
  • Authentication via MoC (Match-on-Card) Biometric security application: works on the principle of comparing right on the cardholder's fingerprint/face card stored in the chip with the fingerprint/face the face of the person using the card, to determine if the person using the card is the right person to be issued the card and use the corresponding services. The reconciliation is done entirely on the card without the need to connect to the central data.
  • Authentication of citizen's biometric data via connection to the Central System in case the citizen does not carry an ID card