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The inauguration ceremony of the MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factory complex is an important step in MK Group’s business strategy. MK Vision’s factory will become one of MK Group's three pillars of development orientation in its network of technology companies while creating favorable conditions for the formation and development of the Make in Vietnam security ecosystem.

Starting construction in July 2022, the MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factory complex was built on 1.5 hectares in Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park, a model industrial park of Vinh Phuc province. This is proof that the investment in Vinh Phuc province has always received attention from the People's Committee of Vinh Phuc province, departments and branches.

The MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factories are invested in modern machinery and production lines, in which the MK Vision factory focuses on producing AI on Edge Cameras to serve security and surveillance needs, and the MK Hi-Tek factory focuses on producing biometric and e-ID smart card readers, strong security authentication devices, MK Network infrastructure devices.

The MK Vision factory and MK Hi-tek factory are equipped with electronics manufacturing machines from leading American, European and Japanese brands. The factories have an assembly line designed by experts in the field of electronics manufacturing in Vietnam with a total capacity of up to 4 million devices per year. MK Group’s leaders also pay attention to investing in production and quality management software. The entire production process is monitored 24/7 and continuously optimized using specialized management software. Production stages are accurately predicted and adjusted, helping to maintain stability in productivity and product quality.

In addition, the highlight of the factory complex is the campus landscape, with gardens, fish ponds, and tile-roofed houses inspired by the traditional architecture of the Northern Delta, showing the connection between humans and nature. These are the cultural values of Vietnam that the leadership team at MK wants to retain at all of the factories invested in and built by MK domestically and internationally.

With the inauguration ceremony of the MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factory complex, MK Group has affirmed its mastery of the Make in Vietnam value chain, from conceptualizing product design, building the supply chain, optimizing production to quality control and providing high-tech products to the market.

Also, this inauguration ceremony is a leverage for MK to expand the field of research and production deployed by MK Aerospace, including manufacturing aircraft engines and building satellite cameras for the national defense and security industry.

According to Mr. Nguyen Trong Khang - Chairman of MK Group: "The inauguration ceremony of the MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factory complex is an important turning point in MK's development process. Mastering core technology is one of the important factors that determine the competitiveness of an enterprise, especially in the context of economic globalization and international integration. This has helped MK to be autonomous in advancing products and services, helping Vietnam master technology and become self-reliant in development.”

About MK Hi-tek:  https://mkhitek.com.vn/

MK Hi-tek, a division of MK Group, was established in July 2020, focusing on researching and manufacturing high-tech solutions products "Make in Vietnam" with high applicability and bringing values that are practical to socio-economic life.

About MK Vision:  https://mkvision.com/

MK Vision, a division of MK Group, was established in July 2020, focusing on researching and providing smart camera products that apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to serve national security and people alike.