MK Group coordinated with partner Entrust to organize a Innovative Financial Forum


At the beginning of 2024, the banking industry has to face challenges and opportunities from increased user demand for new payment products and services, legal compliance requirements such as Decision 2345/QĐ-NHNN, Law on Electronic Transactions, etc… and the pressure to ensure safety and security for transaction activities while ensuring transactions are fast and convenient.

So how can financial institutions take advantage of the opportunity to effectively master and lead the innovative banking trend?

With 25 years of experience in the smart card and security authentication industry, and as a partner of many card organizations, payment companies, domestic and international banking and financial institutions, MK Group understands the urgent needs of banking organizations in building and successfully deploying physical and digital card issuance solutions, authentication and security solutions transaction activities.  Therefore, MK Group coordinated with partner Entrust to organize an event Innovative payment and secure authentication solutions for financial institutions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Through the event, our leading experts in payment, identification and security wish to share with customers the following content:

  • Improve the performance of card programs with Entrust's Kiosk and Portable Card Issuance Solution

  • Ensure compliance with Decision 2345/QĐ-NHNN with MK Group's identity and security authentication solutions

  • Master the trend of innovative banking with new payment methods including Entrust Digital Card Solution Pay by Account, Card on Demand, Payment wearables, Biometric cards, and Recycled cards... provided by Entrust and MK Group

Based on comprehensive solutions from customer identification, personalization and card issuance, to user security authentication applications of MK Group and Entrust, we believe that banking and financial institutions will have more useful options to help improve the convenience of the user experience, increase the security of payment transactions, and comply with regulations on transaction security and safety issued by the state.


Please contact us for more futher information:


Ms. Quynh Bui Thi Nhu

Sales Department | Finance & Banking segment

Tel: 098.793.5582

Email: quynhbtn@mksmart.com.vn


Ho Chi Minh City

Ms. Tam Nguyen Thi

Sales Department | Finance & Banking segment

Tel: 0907.589.405

Email: tamnt@mksmart.com.vn

About Entrust
Entrust keeps the world running securely with trusted identity, payment, and data protection technology. Entrust understands that users need and deserve a seamless and secure experience when traveling internationally, shopping for goods, accessing e-government services, or logging into a corporate intranet. Entrust provides secure authentication solutions as well as personal identification card issuance solutions, considered the heart of these experiences. With more than 2,500 employees and a global network of partners and customers in more than 150 countries, Entrust has earned the trust of customers and partners around the globe.

MK Group is Entrust's security, card issuer, and solution provider partner in the Indochina region including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.