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The 4th International Workshop on Advanced Materials and Devices 2023 was sponsored by MK Group


MK Group participated in “The 4th International Workshop on Advanced Materials and Devices 2023” (IWAMD 2023) as a Silver sponsor with a desire to accompany scientific research in Vietnam.

As many as more than 200 domestic and international scientists took part in the IWAMD 2023, which opened on August 11 in the northern province of Thai Nguyen. The topics of the IWAMD 2023 included theoretical issues and applications of scientific disciplines such as materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, nano materials and components, which attracted some 210 papers, including 77 of foreign authors.

The event also served as a venue for dialogue between scientists and businesses, in order to connect and cooperate to solve problems related to materials technology and electronic equipment that many businesses are interested in. Materials technology and electronic equipment will be the keys to the development of information technology and the economy in Vietnam. 

In the production of smart cards (chip cards) such as credit cards, transportation cards, ID cards, medical cards and many other applications, semiconductors play a very important role.

Semiconductors provide electronic components and functional integration, making chip cards efficient, secure, and energy-efficient.

MK Group was established in 1999 in Vietnam, specializing in Digital Security Authentication solutions and Smart Cards. MK Group had an opportunity to display and introduce Smart Card Collection in 2023, FIDO® KeyPass S1 and FIDO® KeyPass S3 complies with FIDO U2F and FIDO standards, MoC card integrated with FIDO standard and many other security authentication solution devices such as OTP solution based on real time (OATH), C/R (OCRA), Risk engine and PKI Card/Token.

In the coming time, MK Group and its members hope to have more opportunities to accompany scientific organizations to introduce smart cards and high-tech solutions, thereby contributing to promoting opportunities for connection, exchange and cooperation in scientific research in Vietnam.