Card issuing device


We understand that the programs of financial cards, employee cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards, etc... would probably not be successful without the contribution of quality plastic card printers. MK Group and its partner Entrust (USA) have cooperated in researching an in-depth understanding of the Vietnamese card market, thereby building and introducing a variety of card issuance and personalization devices suitable for the budget, scale and goals of card programs for the government, finance, banking sectors, transportation, businesses, education, and health care, etc... 

  • Desktop card printer: ideal for small and medium capacity card programs that will help customers optimize their investment costs. Card issuances will take just a few minutes to start deploying instead of hours like before.

    They have the advantages of modular design and accessories with simple and quick integration, making it easy for users to customize additional features such as security film or stamping tactile floating… It helps enhance more security features for card personalization.
    - Entrust Sigma DS card printer series
    - Entrust SD card printer series
    - Entrust CE card printer series
    - Entrust CR card printer series
  • The high-capacity centralized card issuance system is the MX series of machines designed to efficiently help operators improve their work productivity while reducing waste by testing and verifying the quality of single cards prior to mass production.

    With the implementation of the Windows 10 operating system combined with physical safeguards, MX-based data is enhanced with increased protection not only during use but also during movement or not using. 
    - System Datacard MX9100
    - System Datacard MX8100
    - System Datacard MX6100
    - System Datacard MX2100
    - System Datacard MX1100