Electronic identification card solution


MK Group's issuing electronic identification cards (eIDs) solution for the Government in compliance with ICAO standards of the International Aviation Association ICAO and MoC (Match-on-Card) applications - fingerprint biometric authentication/faces are matched on the card and the application of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) digital signatures brings multi-tier benefits to many audiences.

  • For citizens

- Be proactive in controlling data through integrated security identification applications on the cards
- Protect personal identity
- Easy access to social facilities and public services

  • For Businesses

- Identify and authenticate customers accurately and quickly
- Optimize operating costs
- Bring positive product and service experiences to customers

  • For social organizations and NGOs:

- Accurate identification of those who need social assistance will make the operation well implemented
- Increase efficiency, transparency and convenience for these activities

The electronic identification card issuance solution provided by MK will contribute to creating a synchronous, safe, secure identity and verification application infrastructure. Citizens will be convenient in the process of transactions at public administrative units such as notary offices, or social insurance services... to expand the process of identification and authentication at banks, finance companies, insurance, e-commerce as well as other socio-economic activities.