Smart Card Ecosystem


Smart card ecosystem with more than 22 years of experience and the position of the leader in the card industry in Vietnam, MK is constantly researching and developing to provide the market with practical applications of smart cards, helping card issuers to exploit and maximize the great value of this product and bringing safe civilized utilities for people in socio-economic activities.

Application range:
For issuers: Through the Smart Card Ecosystem built by MK, card issuers fully proactively and flexibly install individual applications or combine them all on one card and turn them into a versatile card according to the needs and goals of each card program, thereby helping businesses engage customers and drive revenue.

  • Applications available today:

- Payment/ Withdrawal/ Prepaid payment
- Verify transactions online or at the counter
- Traffic ticket card
- Non-stop toll collection
- Digital signature PKI
- Other public utility services

  • For users: Through the card with multi-tier utilities provided, users will become a real "eCitizen" with safe and secure utilities, helping them to reduce their waiting time, save costs for administrative procedures and experience a modern and safe civilized digital life.