Online transaction authentication solution for international cards (EMV 3D Secure)


The evolution of EMV 3DS addresses limitations left in the previous protocol version to match the current needs of merchants and consumers.

Card issuers and merchants will have the ability to improve security and prevent fraud while improving the user experience at the same time. The EMV 3DS solution will provide a solid foundation to increase the global adoption of 3DS technology. It also makes good use of the outstanding advantages of the EMV 3DS protocol in protecting cardholders from the risk of online transaction fraud.

The core of EMV 3DS is risk-based authentication allowing merchants to deliver a seamless. The risk-adapted authentication approach applies advanced data science and machine learning to continuously study fraud patterns and refine authentication decisions in the context of threats. Fraud threats are constantly evolving and changing. Risk-based authentication can run in the background without disrupting the user experience and brings a step forward in authentication methods applied to suspicious transactions.

Designed to balance the need for a one-touch checkout experience with secure payment requests, this new standard will deliver a range of enhancements including:

  • Seamless authentication
  • The adaptive approach according to the level of risk
  • Support IoT mobile and commercial devices
  • Merchants do not make decisions (Merchant Opt-Out)