MK Electronic PIN


The PIN of a bank card is a personal identification number (Personal Identifier Number) used to confirm user information. Only when entering the correct PIN code (card password), the cardholder can access the card account so it plays a first-class role in preventing others from intentionally logging into the bank account via credit card, debit card or often called ATM card in Vietnam. 

The PIN code is usually printed on special three to four layers of carbon paper placed in a sealed envelope with the bank card to ensure confidentiality and send it to the cardholder to know his/her card PIN when opened.

This is the ideal solution for banking and financial institutions in enhancing the user experience by keeping up with the trend of smartphone usage while providing cardholders with fast and convenient methods. It is easy to install and use, thereby encouraging customers to use the digital services of the bank.

Cardholders can optionally choose how to receive ePIN according to their needs:

  • Send SMS
  • Via web portal MK provided
  • Via voicemail IVR
  • Activation via a special website
  • From Customer's Internet Banking service
  • In the phone app

Advantages of ePIN solution:

  • The bank saves the cost of preparing facilities, printing paper, envelopes, printers and maintenance fees for third parties such as the post office
  • The bank can easily deploy on a large scale to all its customers in a short time at low cost.
  • The Bank only needs to pay fee to maintain the electronic PIN solution operation system
  • Simplify the integration of the Bank's systems and regulatory and workflow adaptation
  • High level of security that complies with the PCI-DSS standard