Protecting data with high-level encryption PRIM'X solution


Prim'X high-level data encryption solution provided by MK Group and its partner Prim'X (France) is a comprehensive and highly secure solution, enterprise data in any storage state ( data at rest) or data on the move will be automatically encrypted.

Therefore, even if your computer or other storage devices and information sharing tools are hacked, stolen or lost, you can rest assured that the data in it will be absolutely safe.

Using the most advanced algorithms such as AES 256 bits or RSA 2048 bits compatible with major PKIs (X509), Tokens or Smart cards, Prim'X Advanced Data Encryption Solution will be flexible and easy to integrate with any existing infrastructure of the enterprise.

Depending on the organization's goals and budget, businesses have the flexibility to choose a variety of solutions to protect their data including:

  • Encrypt information on workstations with Zone Central: this software is installed on user computers to encrypt information on workstations (local file, user profile, temporary files, browser cache..), encrypt information when the user saves and shares on the server, SAN drive, NAS... The user works completely in an encrypted environment without saving the key on the system.
  • Encrypt content when copied to removable storage devices to exchange or to attach to Email with ZED: the software can be used easily (similar to Windows Zip). Just click to create Folder and Add files so encryption will be automatically encrypted. Zed can help compress files to reduce size. Use a password or an RSA certificate. In case of losing a key, CISO can recover the encrypted files. Users who are outside the organization and do not have ZED installed can use the free Zed” Free software to receive, read, edit, and resend.
  • Enterprise email encryption via ZEDMAIL: Users use Email normally while content and attachments are automatically encrypted. On the receiver side, the email is decrypted to reproduce the original information. Information is encrypted and decrypted with the user's or receiver's key. Information is absolutely confidential in transmission. Zedmail can be integrated into the business email system and does not cause any problems. ZedMail can also integrate with Pushmail received and decrypted on mobile devices. Users outside of the organization who do not have a ZedMail license can download Zed!Free for free to open Emails and attachments and send them back later.
  • Hard drive encryption helps prevent Laptop theft with CRYHOD: When it is stolen or lost, the value of a storage drive is not as important as the value of the information stored inside it. Cryhod software encrypts the hard drive to help prevent laptop theft. You can choose to encrypt the entire drive or each partition. encryption happens immediately (on the fly) and does not affect user operations (transparent). During the first encryption, if there is a problem such as power failure, shutdown, etc., the encryption will automatically resume when running again.
  • Encrypt information on MS Sharepoint with ZONEPOINT: the software helps to encrypt information on MS Sharepoint and does not store open information on the server and security keys on the system or circulate it on the network. All encryption takes place from the user's machine or with the user's key and ensures information security when using third-party Cloud storage services. Encryption happens automatically according to the prescribed policy. Any documents uploaded to Librairy are encrypted for security first. ZonePoint works without installing software on the user's machine.
  • Encrypt user data and shared data on Cloud with ORIZON: Orizon automatically encrypts/decrypts information that users sync to the Cloud without any action. Data is continuously encrypted when moving and storing on the Cloud. It is completely secure for the Cloud service provider. Orizon helps encrypt data for sharing internally or with external partners stored online. It also manages the Right to Read this information. Partners outside of the Organization can download Orizon Guest for free to work on file shares.