MK Mobile card payment solution


MK Mobile Card payment solution is a combination of QR code payment method and Tokenization solution which will minimize the potential risks of a single QR code payment form, thereby helping transactions to take place safely and helping customers feel more secure and confident when using the services of the provider.

MK Mobile Card solution complies with EMV standards for the token supply and encoding system as well as the QR Code management system.

The solution can be integrated with existing applications of the bank or deployed separately depending on the requirements of the service provider with two main components:

  • Tokenization: is used to encrypt the information printed on the user's card in the Token format to protect cardholder information.
  • QR payment code: Use QR code to pay. Customers who use mobile devices to scan the QR code at the Payment Acceptance Unit or vice versa.

With the Mobile Card solution, end-users only need to use a single application to integrate many different cards, serving different payment needs when needed.
The user can specify the default Card to use for the payment process. In addition, a QR Code can be printed on the card so that customers can pay conveniently right on the card.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Diversity of payment methods: Merchant can scan the user's QR Code or vice versa, in order to improve the convenience and experience for users using the Bank's services.
  • Digitize the transaction process and limit the risk of scams or theft of personal information.
  • Fast processing speed, improving customer service quality while at the same time enhancing security, providing a sense of security and user-friendliness.
  • Optimizing investment costs: MK Mobile Card solution helps reduce investment costs and traditional POS management, especially suitable for small and medium merchants