MK dynamic CVV (dCVV)


With the desire to help banking and financial institutions have more advanced and safe payment methods that improve the quality of their products and services, MK Group has researched, developed and built a solution Dynamic CVV numerical solution (dynamic CVV – dCVV).

The CVV number of a bank card is three numbers in italics on the back of the card which is a very important authentication parameter when doing online transactions.

This static CVV number does not change during the validity period of the bank card. If the CVV number and the cardholder's information are revealed, there is no need for a physical card, the crooks will use this information with the authenticity of the CVV number to conduct online transactions without the cardholder's knowledge.

Security solution dCVV (dynamic CVV) will integrate cardholder information to automatically generate a completely different dynamic CVV number for each transaction.

Advantages of dCVV solution:

  • Automatically update the CVV number for each transaction and synchronize the cardholder's dynamic CVV number with the card issuer's bank and online stores
  • The dCVV application on smartphones makes it easy for cardholders to add all the bank cards they have
  • Dynamic CVV number will automatically update from time to time corresponding to each card type in the application, complying with Visa/Master security standards…
  • Stores card information that complies with the PCI - DSS standard
  • It can be deployed a standalone application as a Soft Token application integration, or as an SDK that integrates with the bank's application