FIDO® KeyPass Token


The FIDO® Keypass device provided by MK Group is a USB Reader Token second-factor authentication device designed and manufactured according to the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 standards sets (https://fidoalliance.org/specifications/), for the purpose of creating a physical authentication step to authenticate users and real websites. The product can perform authentication operations in many different situations such as transaction verification, account login, data submission authentication, etc.

Currently, U2F (Universal 2nd Factor - Second Authentication Step) is a strong and simple authentication standard that is easy to use for the second step authentication after entering the Username and Password to log in to the websites that accept U2F standards.

FIDO® Keypass is an authentication security device with outstanding advantages:

  • Eliminate phishing
  • Remove account hijacking (man in the middle)
  • Simple operation: Connect the device and press the physical button
  • Scalable: Use one device for all online services
  • Privacy: No information sharing between services


  • FIDO® KeyPass S1 security authentication key device meets FIDO U2F standard and supports FIDO2 feature, allowing network users (Internet, LAN, ...) to securely access online services that support this feature FIDO U2F without using any other software. MK Group's FIDO® KeyPass S1 device uses no batteries and has a minimum lifespan of 10 years with 4 billion button presses. This will help organizations reduce the pressure of long-term storage and charging of equipment.
  • The FIDO® KeyPass S3 security authentication key device is FIDO Alliance certified. In addition to physical buttons as the FIDO® KeyPass S1 device, the FIDO® KeyPass S3 is equipped with a screen that displays the data to be authenticated to increase safety and accuracy during online transaction activities.

In addition, users of the FIDO® KeyPass S3 security key are supported with the ability to sign in to the application without entering the account name and password, and support for multi-factor authentication. Accordingly, the user enters the PIN before the security key authenticates the information and creates a digital signature. Thus, users do not need to install software and can simply select the "set up a security key" mode available in all FIDO 2 acceptance sites (Details of FIDO standard support pages are available at: https://www.dongleauth.info/) to register the security key.